Le Gymnase - National Centre of Choreographic Development - Roubaix | Hauts-de-France


Build around our season program, the Gymnase's mediation team made plentiful projects to create meeting points between audiences and artists... Many invitations to practical and sensitive experiment for each people.


Everyday, with artists and local partners, we customize various suitable course which allow audiences to grasp dance. Each course can comprised of workshop, a dance outing, meeting with artists and can use some resources and pedagogical tools. Duration and scale are flexible and are built with relay persons (health and social structure, associations, school from pre-school to university, …).

In 2022/2023, we work with : Ecole Jean Rostand de Roubaix, INSPE, Collège Molière de Villeneuve d’Ascq, Centre pénitentiaire de Lille-Loos-Sequedin, crèche la Luciole de Roubaix, Centre social Fresnoy Mackellerie pôle petite enfance de Roubaix, Lycée Ribot de Saint-Omer, SESSADO de Roubaix, ESA de Tourcoing, Université de Lille, Maison Relais Résidence Vauban de Roubaix…

Our mediation team

If you are a relay person from a structure or a group in : Early childhood / High school / Health / Social / Handicap / … :

>>> Please contact Anaïs Haas

If you are a relay person from a structure or a group in : Pre-school / Primary school / Junior high school / Higher education / Professional training / Artists and choreographers / …

>>> Please contact Shruti Iyer

Some videos about mediation projects