Le Gymnase - National Centre of Choreographic Development - Roubaix | Hauts-de-France

Educational tools in dance

To establish mediation project with audiences, we can rely on resources and educational tools.

ACDCN Network created tools hand-in-hand for artistic and cultural education which support our mediation team.

These 7 tools are various by their form and support :
· Interactive workshops, based on excerpts of movies and plays taken from the repertoire : La danse en 10 dates (1896-1992), Une histoire de la danse contemporaine en 10 titres (1978- 2006)
· A danced lecture : Tour du monde des danses urbaines en 10 villes
· Digital tools : Danses sans visa, Data-Danse and Application à Danser
· A professional training for teachers : Le parcours chorégraphique en dix principes

Download “Danses en Kit” document

At the same time, Le Gymnase can use other pedagogical tools for helping audiences to discover dance as spectator’s booklets Que le spectacle commence ! and Dance, exhibition La danse contemporaine en dix questions, game card Corpus created by La Ruse…