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DANCE WELL provides a regular meeting with dance through practical workshops devised for people with movement disorders or neurological diseases (such as Parkinson’s).

DANCE WELL  is an international cooperation project supported by the European Union as part of its Europe Creative programme. An international cooperation project is a possibility to lead an experimentation in contact with foreign partners. It conveys the moral values of our european identity : equity, diversity, social inclusion and solidarity. 

DANCE WELL promote social resilience, commitment from citizens with neurological disease and movement disorder (Parkinson’s disease for example), inclusion of marginalised groups and support by intergenerational and intercultural dialogue. 

DANCE WELL is committed to improve choreographer and institutions on their ability to make people with movement disorder dance. This initiative expand skills and knowledge from artists and participants and contribute with an innovating approach to well being and social cohesion. 

DANCE WELL is a roadmap for 3 years (August 2022>July 2025).

about workshops lead by Gymnase to Dancewell.eu website


DANCE WELL is an initiative from Centro per la Scena Contemporanea/Bassano Del Grappa (Italy) which invite :
· K3 | Tanzplan Hambourg (Germany)
· Briqueterie CDCN Vitry-sur-Seine (France)
· Lithuanian Dance Information Center (Vilnius, Lithuania)
· Tanec Praha/Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)
· Fondazione Fitzcarraldo (Turin, Italy)
· l’Università Ca’ Foscari of Venice / AIKU (Italy)
· Le Gymnase CDCN Roubaix (France)

Dance Well is supported by European Union, in its program Creative Europe.