Le Gymnase - National Centre of Choreographic Development - Roubaix | Hauts-de-France


Eco-responsible approach, sustainability and equity are central in Le Gymnase CDCN's project.


Le Gymnase is ECHO‘s active member – a Hauts-de-France collective for sustainable culture. It rallies organizations from performing arts which receive audiences and committed in eco-responsible and united approach. Objectives are to improve practices in terms of sustainable development and social responsibility in this sector.

So, we are committed to respect these values :
· eco-responsibility (reduce our environmental impact in our activities) ;
· sobriety (do better with less) ;
· humility ;
· cooperation and solidarity between our organizations ;
· diversity and sharing ideas, practices, and opinions.

ECHO’s website
ECHO’s launch – on Tue Feb 7th, 2023


Our bar is established as zero waste label from Roubaix. We set up actions to limitate our waste (local products, nous mettons en place des actions permettant la limitation de production de déchets (produits locaux, consigned bottles, less packaging,…). As a community, we share issues and experiment innovative and collective solutions.

Roubaix Zero Waste’s website
Our bar is established as zero waste label from Roubaix © Frédéric Iovino