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For You / Not for you

Solène Wachter (Orléans)

  • 50 mins
  • Premiere 2022

For You / Not for you

Co-produced with Espace Pasolini. Supported by Petites Scènes Ouvertes

When the audience enter the theatre, they choose their “side”. Their position determines their perception of the action that unfolds. Solène Wachter, performing a solo, continually changes who she is addressing: For You/Not For You, without seeking equity. It is about playing with frustration, curiosity and the feeling of belonging to a group. Continually metamorphosing, the dance becomes a speech or a gesture that is addressed to us before disappearing over to the other side. Like two shows performed simultaneously, the direction of reading and situations are reversed.

Cast and creatives

Choreography: Solène Wachter – Outside eyes: Némo Flouret, Margarida Marques Ramalhete, Bryana Fritz, Georges Labbat – Costumes: Carles Urraca Serra – Lighting: Max Adams – Sound: Olivier Renouf – Lighting control: Matthieu Marques – Sound control, stage management: Remy Ebras – Video: César Vayssié

Production credits

For you / Not for you
Production et Diffusion : BleuPrintempsProduction
Coproductions : La Briqueterie – CDCN du Val-de-Marne / Charleroi Danse / Traverse – Bagnères de Bigorre / Le Parvis – Scene Nationale de Tarbes / CCNO – Centre chorégraphique national d’Orléans
Soutien : Mairie d’Orléans, CCNO – Centre chorégraphique national d’Orléans, dans le cadre du compagnonnage de Bleu Printemps

Autour de l'événement