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Danseur, c’est pas un métier

Anne Rehbinder's documentary

  • From 13 years upwards
  • 60 mins + meeting
€ 5 - schoolary presentation

Danseur, c’est pas un métier

This documentary relates the meeting between director Antoine Colnot, writer Anne Rehbinder and five up-and-coming dancers from underprivileged neighbourhoods in Lyon. Joining forces with the choreographer Amala Dianor, the trio decided to write the piece Urgence for them on the question of emancipation. As the show was being put together, Karym, Marwan, Freddy, Elliot and Mohamed discovered artistic creation, confronted their dream of becoming professional dancers, and wrestled with being told that “dancing isn’t a job”.

Cast and creatives

Director: Anne Rehbinder – With: Mohamed Makhlouf, Marwan Kadded, Freddy Madodé, Elliot Oke, Karym Zoubert, Antoine Colnot, Amala Dianor, Anne Rehbinder – Video editing: Anna Brunstein – Sound editing: Florent Castellani

Production credits

Production: Compagnie HKC