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Dance with Via Katlehong!

Via Injabulo's workshop

With Buru Mohlabane, artistic director and a dancer from Via Injabulo

  • 2 hrs

Dance with Via Katlehong!

Through all it’s performances, the company Via Katlehong Dance defends the Pantsula culture. In the 60s and 70s, under the apartheid regime in South Africa, black rural populations are displaced to the big cities and regrouped in the townships. It is in these ghettos, where unemployment and crime prevail, that the Pantsula culture, to which all the youth of the townships are identified, will be born. Like hip-hop in the United States and Europe, Pantsula culture is a lifestyle, covering mode, music, dance, gestural codes and talking. And like hip hop, it finds its field of expression in the street. In the 1990s, when South Africa mingled in place, the company Via Katlehong Danse dance protest fight for young slums, through its shows and shows that combine Pantsula dance, kind of non-acrobatic hip hop but virtuoso by its speed, percussive clappers with iron shoes, clappers close to the American time and the gumboot, a dance of minors at the base of the struck on the thighs calves.

It is an introduction to these dances that the members of the group offer to the participants of the workshop. They will took the opportunity to meet another culture … shouting, whistling, stamping out! a party full of dynamism and fury of life.